Red Canyon Bike Trail

red canyon bike trailThis is a post that needed to have come out a long time ago, but due to lost video and a series of other events it was never done.

A fun activity that can be done by anyone with a bike is go to Red Canyon and take the bike trail. It works best with two cars, but if you don’t have that luxury it’s still an easy ride back up.

The bike path extends along highway 12 for quite a few miles and you can take it almost to Bryce. Just before you get to Red Canyon (from the top of the plateau) is a pull off where you can park your car and head down the hill.

The trail takes you down scenic Red Canyon all the way to the bottom. Their are plenty of pull-off points to get pictures and enjoy the scenery.

The only disadvantage to when we went, it was raining, so stopping to get pictures meant more time in a thunderstorm. By the way this is not the recommended way of doing things.

It takes about 30-40 minutes to do this, making it a good afternoon activity to do while you are in Bryce.

Here is a quick video of the trip!



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