-12 is Too Cold

IMG_5517That is if you don’t have the right gear.

Well America, we are all currently a giant ice cube. It’s cold… Like holy crap it’s cold.

The day after that big storm hit here in Cedar City it was -12 F. I have been in a lot of cold weather situations, but these type of temperatures begin pushing the boundaries of anything reasonable.

And since it is so cold, it seamed reasonable to share a bit of knowledge and some tips. For past information dealing with cold weather go here.

When it comes to dealing with the cold, it is all about layers. Today was a good example of that. This morning I decided to throw some Under Armor on under my clothing and wow what a difference it made (yup, that was a blatant plug for the company. If I am lucky they might even pay me).

#1 tip for the day– Wear Under Armor or some similar type of inner liner to add an additional base layer.

Second tip deals with clothing in general.

Pockets of air are your friend when it comes to keeping warm. What happens when you wear baggy clothing, or a couple of layers, IMG_5513pockets of warm air get trapped next to your body while the cold air gets caught in a separate layer. This is the same principle behind wet suits.

#2 tip of the day- Wear baggy clothing with layers. Sorry ladies who like to wear tight pants, they can wait a few days.

Last tip will be about head gear.

I am a convert to head gear. I rock a North Face beanie. (yup another plug for that company too. Who knows one day I might get noticed for this.) I have short hair, so anything covering my head is a huge blessing. Even though these wonderful little head caps may ruin my hair, they will make the difference between a miserable walk.

#3 Wear head gear– A beanie can save a life or a mans head.



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