A Year In Review

It has been an exceptionally amazing year. I feel like I have been immensely blessed. God must definitely be looking down on me and saying “Hey! You are awesome! Here is an awesome life.”

I don’t say this to gloat. There have been downs as well, but I have an optimistic attitude and don’t dwell on the bad things of life. In fact if I look back on the year, it has been impressive.white rock amphitheater

The Year In Review

  • Me and my wife have been on ruffly 27 hikes together and I have been on about a dozen without her while she was working. That ruffly translates into a hike every other weekend. DANG!
  • I got married. Big kudo points there. 😀
  • Saved some lives with my charity hike that I put on. Well not yet, but the ball is now rolling.
  • Started a small business.
  • Began working on my photography in a serious manner and hope to take it to all new levels.
  • I am two semesters closer to finishing school.


A shining attitude is something we all need as we look into the next year. Too much of the news is trying to convince us that we can’t move up in life. That we millennial’s have given up hope and we are destine to fail. Too many people fight the one percent in stead of looking at ways to join them. Too many people think happiness is beyond their reach but in reality we all have the ability to choose and I choose the pursuit of happiness.

The mountains are calling and I must go.

I plan on going on lots of fun hikes. I want to go to Moab and visit Arches and Canyon Lands again. I want to visit Yosemite, and see the secret wonders here in Utah.

Go out there and be awesome people. Keep exploring and keep looking for new places to go. This country is filled with to much awesomeness for anyone to sit back and let the days drift by. Strive for greatness.

I recently watched this video that was made up of inspirational quotes and speeches. One phrase stood out to me “Grave yards are the richest place on earth because they are filled with the dreams of people who never did, who never achieved, who never fulfilled their dreams.”

Don’t add to the wealth of the dead, but bring it to the living.

See you next year with more great hikes!


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