Let’s Take A Stroll

School has kicked into high gear, I work 2 jobs (technically a third with GoPro Rentals), and life has all added up into one busy month. Since this is the case I do not get a chance to get out much. But there are still opportunities to shake things up and spend a few hours somewhere.

A few weeks back I went on a photographing adventure back to Red Cliffs. Dusk was falling and light was getting bad quickly. I knew I only had a few shots at this. I got to the first of the few waterfalls and realized I left my tripod… Luckily I still had my gorilla pod, but that was not designed to work with a DSLR, but it was all I had so it had to do.

Red Cliffs Second Waterfall

After this first waterfall, I zipped off to the second. When I arrived I could tell instantly it had been a wet summer and all the flooding had literally changed the waterfall structure. The rock had been eaten away and the pool was structured differently. It was kind of cool to see. But here is the second shot.

Red Cliffs Main PoolAfter the lighting was too bad for photos, we headed back. It was a little creepy heading back to the car, because I knew we were by our selves and very much we were in Mountain Lion country. So I was a bit nervous. Dusk is when most predators are actually out hunting and I did not want my wife and I to be on the menu. Lets just say it was a quick walk back to the car.



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