A New Human Perspective

Goblin ValleyI am inspired to take to writing today due to the recent sentencing of the men who pushed over the rocks here in Southern Utah. Full details of the verdict is still being hashed out but it sounds like they will not be getting jail time. They will be getting a year of probation, some hefty fines and much more. Oh yeah did I mention that they have been publicly shamed across the globe in a way that they will never be able to go anywhere or do anything that wont brand them as the “idiots” who destroyed the hoodoo in Goblin Valley.

The verdict seemed reasonable in my mind, but apparently not to the people who follow Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, and no doubt many other. I saw things like “these scum” “idiots” “trash” and phrases along the line that suggests they should never breed. They trashed these guys for a stupid mistake.

But this is not solely applied to these men but the human race in general. I am a biology major and I hear plenty from crazed individuals who dub humans as the worst things that have walked this earth. That animals have more rights then a human. That we take second to all other living organisms.

And apparently this philosophy applies to rocks and dirt.

dow_human-element-1 - rajan

Thanks DOW for the sweet campaign images

Have we forgotten humanity people? Have we forgotten that we are the only things on this earth that appreciate earth. We are the only ones that stop and say “wow what a sunset.”

We are phenomenal creatures. We create, we organize, we theorize, we study, we imagine, we educate, we strive, we feel compassion, we care for things that do not care back.

If you are religious, then you might believe that we are the children of God. I do.

When looking at the world we need to recognize what we have and protect it, we need to cherish it. In-fact, we need to study it and understand how to save it. But we also need to recognize that we as humans are just as important. Crucifying people because of their actions especially for something so trivial in the grand scheme of things seems wrong.

Punishment should be dealt, absolutely. And they got it. They got it on the front of every outdoor magazine, every web based news service, every environment group, every blog, and everyone’s Facebook page. They got it in the form of financial punishment. They got it in a way where they will have to report to a parole officer every week, or every month or Goblin Valleythey will get jail time.

If there is something I want to share with all of my travels is that this world needs protection. You want to know how we are going to do that? Education and appreciation.

Take a step back and teach your kids to not scratch their names into the rocks. Teach your kids to be reasonable. Teach your self to be proactive in this world. Teach your self and you kids to appreciate the gift we have been given as a species.

The world is ours.

But as stewards we are responsible for it and for each other.

Humans are the greatest creatures to walk this earth. Don’t lower us from that status. Don’t cocky with this status.

We were sent here to serve.


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