Timber Creek Overlook Trail

timber creek overlook

I finally broke down and picked up a national park pass during my recent excursion to Death Valley. So far it has payed for about 60 dollars in trips.

Seams like a deal to me.

Well it was a Sunday evening and my wife got called in for a mandatory meeting for work so I decided to go visit Kolob. Why not it’s free right. I headed out around 4. The drive is 10 minutes south of Cedar City.Timber Creek Overlook

Kolob is the most northern section of Zion National Park. I have visited this section only a few times, but there is not a whole lot here to do. Most of the hikes are back country or unmarked unmaintained trails. The Timber Creek Overlook is one of the exceptions.

The trial head is located at the end of the road. There is a nice parking lot to park and the trail is 1 mile long. Oddly enough this simple hike is not wheel chair accessible even though it screams extremely easy. It has a total of 100 feet elevation gain and is well packed dirt. There are just a single spots where the trial has these strange wooden square stepping blocks that extend for 20 yards. I take it they are needed when run off is occurring, but otherwise they seem useless.

The end of the trial is not well marked. The trial seems to peter out at the edge of a good overlook. There are no sheer cliffs which make it a kid friendly and safe hike to do as well. Along the way you are treated with some gorgeous Kolob spires and vistas.

The hike took about 30 minutes to do, but I have a good pace.




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