Sand Dune Arch Closure and Trail

Sand Dune ArchUpdate!!!

Utah.Com has clarified a bit more about the closure. It is just beyond the arch that will be closed. More info as time moves on.

Today is a sad reminder about vandalism in our parks. I recently wrote about this and how we need not send people to jail for such actions, (normally that is) but we also need to not perform such vandalism.

Sand Dune Arch, an arch I particularly enjoy, is being closed down indefinitely due to excessive vandalism.

For scout group leaders, parents, teens and young adults: if it is not on your property, don’t scratch your name into it. These marks take hundreds of years or countless hours of scrubbing to get rid of.

I have only snapped at one person for this I would rather not do it again.

Make a promise today to tell people not to do this. I would rather not have to write about this again.

As a last note:

I visited Sand Dune Arch about 5 years ago when I went out to Moab and spent a few days hiking Arches and Canyonlands. This was a particularly nice hike because it happens to have good shade and is a cool arch. The trail is sandy and particularly pleasant to go down. I remember it being short too.

Please people, keep places like this open

Spread the word. Comment if you have ever been and share your story.

Here is the parks Facebook Post about it.

here is another article about it


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