South Fork of Tayolor Creek, Kolob

IMG_6033I woke up this morning and it was raining. Now it’s snowing. Southern Utah has a lot of weather in just a few days.

Onto the hike though.

IMG_6031I did this hike a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon. It was time for a leisurely stroll and this was the desired location. The hike is a little over one mile one way and has a few steep climbs, but over all its relatively lax. We did this hike just as trees were beginning to switch into the next season. But I suggest doing this hike a bit later then late March. It will be greener and way nicer to view.

The hike is known for some rock climbing spots. We ran into a few guys from Washington state who came down for that purpose.

In order to get here, enter the Kolob section of Zion and travel a few miles up the road. There will be a large parking lot set aside but no real trail. The canyon you will be going down is the directly in front of you. The trail is located up the road a bit. There is a sign there that says the trail is unmaintained, but it is well defined.

The trail ends at the back of the canyon. It peters out a big rock slide.

Its a nice simple hike, but don’t make this your main trip to Kolob. This is a good hike for kids and Sunday strollers.IMG_6028



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