Angels Landing Under The Super Moon

Angels Landing (8 of 9)

I know many of you probably have bucket lists. Let me add one more item to your list today.

Midnight hike of Angels Landing in Zion National Park under the Super Moon.

Full moons work fine, but doing it under a Super Moon allows for extreme bragging rights. According to Wikipedia, a Super Moon occurs every 411.8 days. Since it’s Wikipedia, it can only be taken with grain of salt. But if it’s true, no one will be able to do this again until late next year. Astronomy lovers let me know if I am wrong.

This is one of the coolest, craziest, most exhausting, and most fun things I have ever done.zion canyon (1 of 1)

The adventure began around nine o’clock from Canyon Junction. We parked the car and had to ride bikes up the canyon. The last shuttle leaves well before this, so in order to do this late night hike, you need bikes.

Other gear:

  • Water
  • Two Head Lamps (just in case one fails)
  • Snacks
  • Knife

(You might be wondering why a knife. My buddy was telling me that recently a guy on top of Angels Landing called for search and rescue at 1 AM because he found himself face to face with a mountain lion. Angels Landing (2 of 9)Safety is always a good thing to have in mind.)

If you are unfamiliar with the Angles Landing hike read my post about it here.

We began as the sun was setting. The trail was well lit still. Head lamps become necessary when we arrived at the canyon before Walters Wiggles. Here the canyon walls rise above you blocking out the moonlight that was beginning to peak over the horizon.

Once we got on top though (aka Scouts Landing) we no longer used head lamps and went by moon light. It only takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust and after that it was fine.

The stunningly bright moon lit up Angels Landing like a huge monolith in the night. It was gorgeous. The night air at this time becomes filled with crickets and other insects. We even found a glowing caterpillar.

Angels Landing (3 of 9)The hike along the chains and the extremely narrow passageways were a bit more nerve racking. The chains become a savior though when you are doing this hike at night. They are the one things that stand out and look different allowing you to follow the correct rout.

After forging our way across the spine of Angels Landing we arrived at the end.

It is an amazing thing to be sitting at the top and see the canyon be lit up my moonlight. We sat here enjoying Snickers and I photographed some more.

Coming down was much more difficult. By this point it was close to midnight and we were getting tired. Our knees had had enough and the trail becomes much more difficult going down then going up. we pulled out our head lamps to help deal with the difficult terrain.Angels Landing (6 of 9)

We got off the mountain at 1:00 AM and I did not get home till two. It was a long night, but it was amazing.

What did you do to celebrate the Super Moon? Let me know.

Angels Landing (5 of 9)

Angels Landing (9 of 9)

Angels Landing (7 of 9)



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