Yant Flat

yant flat (1 of 6)Yant Flat was first brought to my attention a few months ago by a buddy of mine. He posted pictures of this place that had interesting rock formations and looked quite fun to visit. So with some planning, my father came down to southern Utah and took my wife and I there.

yant flat (3 of 6)Getting to Yant Flat can be a bit difficult so here is a link to a website with good directions.

The trail is relatively flat but it is in full sun exposure. Total distance is about 2 miles, (mile in mile out) most of which is on an ATV trail.

In order to get to Yant Flat follow the ATV all the way to a sand dune ( it’s sandy and duneish but it does not look like a typical sand dune). There is a trail that takes you over the ridge and down into the swirling sandstone below you. Be careful the descent can be a bit tricky.

The area of interest is a small bowl where the rock has formed these beautiful swirling patterns.

The hike is short and not an all day activity. It is just something small and interesting to do if you are in the area and want to get away from the crowds. It is also nice for photography.

If I was to go back and photograph it, sunrise would be optimal. The rocks are east facing and the rocks would be very vibrant early in the morning.


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