Waterfalls Of Zion

Waterfalls Zion (4 of 7)

Zion National Park is not known for its waterfalls. Usually the great attractions are the grand views, and spectacular hikes through places like the Narrows or the Subway. But during big thunder storms waterfalls become a hit thing for the region.

Yesterday I was down in Zion enjoying said waterfalls as they began to spring up across the park. The views were spectacular and the temperatures were extremely pleasant as well.

When to best see waterfalls:

Waterfalls are best seen during spring run off or big thunderstorms. If you are in Zion and it begins to have a huge down pore, stick around to see what will happen. Also if you are planning on going to Zion and it is going to be raining, don’t be discouraged. You might get a chance to see some waterfalls that only a few hundred people a year get to see.

Here are a few images of waterfalls form around the park that I have collected over the past little while.

Waterfalls Zion (2 of 7)

Weeping Rock. Two waterfalls can be found at this location. This one dissipated then soon after the second one began to flow down from a higher section of the cliff.

emerald pools (2 of 3)

Trickle from emerald pools. During a big storm though, this trickle turns into spectacular twin waterfalls.

The Subway (4 of 17)

A waterfall deep within the Subway

Waterfalls Zion (7 of 7)

A waterfall outside Temple of Sinawava. This waterfall is one of, if not the tallest in the park.


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