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kanarraville trip (5 of 7)

I did my first hike yesterday since foot surgery. I still have a ways to go, but I am becoming more and more mobile every day. I decided to return to Kanarraville falls for my inaugural return to the outdoors.

Well, I never left the outdoors. I have been actively going out and photographing from the car and other short walks, but nothing beyond that. Here is a quick synopsis of some of the work I have done.

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But I returned to hiking once again with this hike, one I know so well. In spirit of what Southern Utah Hiking is all about, let me do a trail update.

Currently it is still 10.00 dollars to park at the parking lot. Most of the trail has not changed much. If you have been here before you may notice that the rocks in which the water flows over and around have been carved out more due to all our recent flooding events.

There was a landslide just above the first waterfall that has destroyed a bunch of the trees and lefts splintered logs all over the place. The third waterfall that you will encounter (first being the main fall, second is the small waterfall only 20 yards beyond that, and third is about 300 yards past that.) still very much is a slide. Its structure has been changed a bit. I don’t know if it is as deep as it use to be, but I assume so. kanarraville trip (2 of 7)

The ladders over the upper waterfall are a bit tattered, but I think they work. As before I have never gone above these falls and thus, that is still a mystery to me. I guess one day I will do it, but I still have to be cautious.

If you want to hike around in fall colors for this hike, head up there right now. There will be plenty of reds and yellows for you to enjoy. For people who may be reading this in later months. Fall colors for this hike appear mid October on. I am assuming by late October the colors are even better or they are all gone because of a storm. Plan accordingly.

kanarraville trip (3 of 7)


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