Northgate Peaks


Every once in a while I get to go do some really neat hikes but end up having them turn into somewhat of a disaster.

A few weeks ago I joined in on the Outdoor Pacesetters Club hike. This is a club based out of SUU and has all sorts of fun activities. My buddy who was leading this hike invited me and so I went.20141101_111858

We began the day with plans to do another canyon, but stormy weather had changed those plans. With some consideration, he decided to take us down to Zion National Park and we hit up the Northgate Peaks trail.

The North Gate peaks trail is a 4.9 mile trail that begins at the WildCat Canyon Trail head off of Kolob Terrace Road. The hike is flat and takes you across the plateau till it reaches a look out spot where you can see the back side of West Temple.

20141101_111840When we got there the storm clouds billowed up all around us, and temperature had dropped some, but we figured with some luck we could do the trail with out getting wet. Well our luck ran out pretty quickly. After a few minutes and less then a mile down the trail it began to sprinkle.

Then it began to rain.

Then it began to hail.

And the cycle repeated.

By the time we reached the lookout, there were strong winds and tons of rain. We only stayed for a few minutes, it was too cold standing still and looking into a wall of water. So we turned around and booked it. From about this time on it did not stop raining.

I was not quite prepared for this much rain. I had grabbed a light coat, and was prepared to deal with a few sprinkles. I also didn’t grab head gear of any sort, so I had to walk and take the brunt of the hail. Cold wet ears do not handle small ice pellets well.

By time we got done with the hike, every inch of me was wet. My coat had soaked through, and my shorts, shoes, and backpack were soaked through. I am lucky my camera gear did not get destroyed.

Over all it was a great experience.



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