Camp Creek

IMG_8610I have been sworn to secrecy about how to get to this hike in Zion. If you have heard of it, I would be surprised. It is not really marked on any map, but it does exist. If you want to know more, message me directly via email.

The trail begins with a small sign that says you are entering into Zion Wilderness. From here you follow Camp Creek back into the main part of the hike. This portion of the hike is stream hopping and bush whacking. It is easy to get lost or turned around, so I suggest you only do this if you have some good rout finding skills and or you have some one with you that has been before.

After an hour or two of doing this, you reach a small Indian Cave where they use to have small fires and carved on the wall. This is easy to miss and I would probably have not noticed it if the guy I was with hadn’t known about it. IMG_8605

Once you get to this point, the hike becomes easier and follows an old dry stream bed. During this time you are working your way back into a box canyon. Here you will see a variety of cliffs and interesting rock formations. Though I did not make it to the end of the canyon, I do know it can be turned into a multi day trip that I hear is very spectacular. You will also be the only people out there as well making it probably one of the most isolated trails in the park. We saw a local couple who wanders up the trail frequently, but that was it. IMG_8616





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