Dinosaur National Monument, The Bones


Well I am back with my most recent adventure. I am going to split it up into a couple posts because I can, and I don’t want a bunch of information in one post because that leads to jumbled crap.

So Dinosaur National Monument (DNM) is located on the far east side of the state of Utah and actually crosses the border into Colorado. Running down through it is Green River and Yampa River. They converge in the park in a series of twisted canyons that can be explored through a variety of means. It is a decent size national monument with a huge variety of things to do within. Since this was our first family adventure with my new kid, the first part of the park was ideal for us.

On this note, not all the park is open all year. They do close down sections of the park due to winter conditions. They do not shovel all the roads, so if you come here in winter expect to see that. There were opening more roads later in the week, but only had one main road all the way open.

So today I am just going to bring up the Dinosaur bones and some petroglyphs that can be seen right at the front of the park.

So there are two entrances into the park, the first takes you to the quarry, the second takes you to the canyon country part of the park.

Dinosaur NM (2 of 10)

To see the dinosaur bones go into the first entrance and go speak with the guys within. You will pay here, (this is during winter, it acually may be different during summer)  ifIMG_0569 you have a Parks Pass, this is valid here. Tours of the quarry takes place every 30-45 minutes. The quarry is locked at all times and is only accessible via park ranger tour. We hit up the tour at 1:00 and we were done in about 25 minutes. Total time is based on how long you want to linger.

The bones are housed within a huge structure on top of the hill. Within, the bones have been excavated and are clearly visible. The actual size of the excavation site is much bigger, but they only preserved a section of it for public viewing.

Dinosaur NM (1 of 10)We hung out here for about 20 minutes enjoying the facts and details of the cool location.

As for the petroglyphs, they are located through out the park, but they have one that is only a mile or two down the road on the left. There is a small parking spot to pull off onto. The symbols are only a hundred feet away. It is a good place to take kids, just tell them to not write on the rocks. There are some modern markings.

Overall they are cool. If this is something that you are really big into, the park has some good stuff for you.


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