False Kiva

False Kiva  1Distance: I estimate it to be about a 1 mile to the Kiva, but it could be a bit less than that.

False Kiva is a relatively unknown hike within Canyonlands National Park, Island In The Sky district. The trail is not marked on maps, due to the nature of the archeological site. I have heard it classified as a class 4 or a class 2 Indian site, but I have no idea what that means.

As for directions to the location, they can be found at EveryTrail.

The trail is located on the left side of the road that leads out to Upheaval Dome. It is only marked by a cluster of wood that stretches for about 20 yards. It is found just before upheaval dome.

The beginning of the hike is a gentler downward slope that is well marked. If you do loose your way, follow the river bed until you see more cairns. Once the trail hits the cliff front, it drops down very steeply. Here a little rock scrambling does go on so be careful.

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The trial levels out as if passes under the Kiva and then makes a steep climb back up to it. This is a good spot for watching sunsets or to watch a big thunderstorm across Canyonlands. Who knows you might catch me on the trail again someday.

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