Adventure + Gear Fest

adventure + gear fest

For the past 3 days I have been volunteering and exploring the recent Adventure + Gear Fest expo here in Sandy Utah and making off like a bandit. The festival is an opportunity for established companies and brand new ones to get their name out. Some of which I may be involved with in their gear testing process.

The event cost 10 dollars to enter, but if you volunteer as we did, you get in free and get a few show bucks to spend at the event.

So instead of describing my volunteer experience let me just identify some of the things I likes most and gear that I got/ want.

Let’s start with a new sleeping pad I discovered.


Kylmit is a company that makes outdoor gear, and particularly sleeping pads. These things are light weight, large, and most importantly soft. This is the next sleeping pad I am buying when I get the money.


Cotopaxi is a gear and clothing company that ties their sales to charity projects around the world. So if you buy certain backpacks and shirts they use a portion of that money to go to charity projects like Charity: Water. I got a shirt from that is cool, so look forward to some lama love in some future images.


Gearlope is a gear rental company located mostly hear in Utah, but it also can be found nation wide. The thing that makes it of interest to me is that it is a gear rental company that is run by it’s users. Lets say you have extra gear floating around and you want to make a few bucks. You can list your gear hear for rent and allow some other person to use it for a couple days. Plan on seeing some of my stuff here in the next few weeks.


This is a brand new company… Like it opened its website on Friday this week. It is a company that creates a flavor insert for your camel pack. It modifies the end of your tube and allows you to insert flavor into your water without altering your entire water supply. It also can be turned on and off allowing you to go back and drink regular water. I spoke with these guys and will probably be testing the product for them.

Be Headwear

This is a cool concept of a beanie with speakers built into it. They are bluetooth and allow you to connect to your phone and make phone calls, listen to music and so on without having to deal with cables or head phones. They are cool and I played around with them last night. I might be using them on some of my early sunrise photo trips and rock out to some music while I do it. The speakers also remove so you can put them into helmets of motorcycles and other head ware as desired.

These were my highlight companies but other companies of interest include

  • Click Elite- a camera backpack company
  • Black Diamond- outdoor and climbing gear
  • Minute man medical supplies
  • Pro Gear- GoPro accessories



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