Fisher Towers, Delicate Arch, Calf Creek Falls

Here is kind of a triple post that is just more of an update of hikes and places to see and so on. I have had the opportunity to go to a lot of places here these past few months. Some have been new, others definitely places I have been. This post is dedicated to the places I have been.

Fisher Towers

fisher towers (1 of 1)

Though I have been here before I actually do not have a write up on this site about it. The reason was that it was many years ago and I don’t remember much of it. This much I can say.

They have recently improved the dirt road up to the parking lot. I also remember the trail being kind of long. According to the signs and the things I have read the length is about 4 miles round trip. (it is an in and out hike)

My trip was purely photographing because we were on a tight schedule, so I never got close to them this last go around.

Delicate Arch

3 miles round trip. Popular. A malls worth of people. What more can I say. I was here with my wifes family and our brand new little girl. She is a trooper

arches (8 of 10)

Calf Creek Falls

Probably my most favorite hike, if not my most favorite. Great flat hike that is awesome. Some trial updates.

There are a couple new beaver dams along the way that have pooled the water.

calf creek (5 of 8)


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