Razor Back Trail


This is a relatively unknown hike/ technically not a real trail. The hike lays on BLM land and has future plans for mountain bike trails and foot traffic. Currently the trail is composed of social trails and creek beds.

This hike is located at the mouth of Cedar Canyon or it can be accessed from Stevens Canyon which is right behind the golf course here in Cedar City.


The trail is an in an out style trail or if you have two vehicles, you can park cars at each exit of the trail. I took the trail from the Cedar Canyon side. The hike simply moves up the stream bed, with occasional side shoots. It is a leisurely walk with plenty of things to explore, making it ideal for kids. The only danger is once you exit the wash and are on top, there are very steep drop offs where a child might slide down.

The trail is essentially a pyramid, rising from either side to a high point in the center. The trail is not steep overall, but does have a few steep sections, but very doable.

Aesthetically this section of landscape is very banded and is composed of some extreme layering or different types of sediment. Though I am familiar with much of the geology of the region, I am not sure what this is composed of and from what later it is from. IMG_1438


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