Twisted Forest

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Located at the top of Cedar mountain and on the edge of Cedar  Breaks is an old grove of Bristle Cone Pine Trees (Pinus longaeva). Though the trees are uncommon, they do exist in many areas, and can be found within many of our national parks out west. What is extremely uncommon is large groves like this one.

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Twisted Forest is located down forest service road 204 (sugar loaf mountain road). Once you get to the road, follow the signs. Simple as that. There are other direction on forest service websites, but it is a lot easier than it seems. The road itself when dry is fairly passable (I own a dodge caliber) but during bad weather it may be impassable by most vehicles, if not all.

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The trail is a short simple mile and a half walk through an old grove of bristle cones. Though the trail is semi difficult to see at times, follow your instinct and you should be good. As for things to see, you should take your time to admire some of the trees here, they were probably a thousand years old when Christ was born.

The end of the hike is completed with a large cliff looking down into the far end of Cedar Breaks. 

twisted forest (4 of 4)


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