Spring Creek

spring creek rainbowFor being very searchable on the internet Spring Creek is often overshadowed by its neighboring canyon, Kanarraville Falls, making it a much more quiet and secluded hike.

The trail is located just past the town a Kanarraville down a dirt road (Spring Creek Rd). Total length is a bit over 4 miles, two miles up and two back. The elevation change is marginal and the trail is relatively easy to follow and easy to take. This trail is perfect for families and kids due to its relative safety and easiness.

The trail begins out as an ATV trail that eventually turns into regular path after a mile. The trail eventually becomes more vegetated and by the time you get to the mouth of the canyon you are walking through meadows of flowers and thick brush. At this point I saw a Coopers Hawk which was kind of exciting for me as a biologist. If you go keep an eye out for this guy you will probably see him as I have seen him here the past two times I have gone.

At the end of the Meadow the cool narrow canyon begins. Here the cliff walls rise drastically on both sides creating a narrow slot canyonish like feel. There are lots of side canyons to explore and plenty of things to see.

The trail can be completed in an evening. I have hiked it twice now in the evening, once looking for night birds for work, another for fun. If you want to see all of its little secrets I would suggest making it into a half day trip and exploring all the side canyons. I bet if you are feeling really adventurful you can probably hike into Zion from here as well.

spring creek cliff





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