Mines, Safety, and A Story

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It’s been a long time since I have felt so… confused and flabbergasted by what someone said to me today. Ever since it occurred I have thought about it and tried to figure out why a person would react in such a way and why they would defend their position. So with out further a due lets start with the “Story” part of this post.

I was surfing around social media today when I saw someone I know was tagged in some photos of them in an abandoned mine. I italicize that because abandoned mines that are unsupervised are extremely dangerous. So I make the comment “wasn’t that dangerous, illegal and… EXTREMELY DANGEROUS?” (Bold added for additional affect)

And soon after I make this comment the individual (not my friend) who posted the images told me that I needed to explore more off the trails and live a little, I was a hypocrite, and I was negative. I of course agree with him that we do need to explore a little and go off trail and explore. I essentially do that for my job as a biologist all day every day. But be called a hypocrite and saying that mines are not dangerous pushed me over the edge.

I will gladly accept what ever he called me. I don’t care. But abandoned mines not being dangerous is the most stupid thing I have heard in a while. Here is a quick link of a man who died in abandoned mines:


Here is an exceptionally long list of mining accidents across the U.S. (most are abandoned)


Now lets talk about mines and safety.

The best most simple advice I can give you is don’t go in!!!

If you see a mine, take a picture, record the location, and report it to the proper authorities. If you have the experience, skill, tools and the know how, then I might say go in but they are still extremely dangerous.

Be safe out there fellow explorers. If you want to see a mine go hit up a tour group.


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