Grosvenor Arch

IMG_2051Today I bring you something that is short sweet and easily obtainable unless the road gets bad. The arch is located down a very interesting road out by Kodachrome Basin. To get to the arch travel to Canonville and follow the sign to Kodachrome Basin State Park. Nine miles down the paved road, you will run into the state park. From here the road becomes a mix of gravel and clay and becomes Cottonwood Canyon Road.

According to, this road is impassable when wet, and I believe them, but a little car can still make it to the arch when dry. (Mine did)

Grosveno arch

The arch is located 10 miles down the dirt road. There are signs that point the way, so I would not worry too much about being lost.

The “hike” to the arch is a couple hundred feet long and is paved making this ideal for kids and easy goer hikers. After you get there, enjoy the scenery and explore around the arch a bit. Enjoy!



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