Sand Bench Trail

IMG_2154A hike I actually did not know even existed until just a few months ago is what I have to offer today. It first came to my attention when my wife and I walked through Springdale speaking to the art galleries and spoke to a photographer who had an image that caught my attention. I spoke to him about it and was curious where it was located. He told me and ever since I have been wanting to go back.

The trail is called the Sand Bench Trail. The location is simple enough. At the stop, Court of the Patriarchs, there in the main canyon of Zion, there is a small maintenance road that dips back towards the Virgin River. From here you will follow the pavement back until you see a trail just off from the water tower. This is the beginning of the trail.

There is a pleasant foot bridge that is to be crossed in order to get to the trail. As soon as you cross the foot bridge, the trail forks. The trail on the left takes you down a small creek that eventually leads you to the main trail while the one on the right is a more direct rout.

The trail is sandy but offers you a close up view to the base of the Court of the Patriarchs. Usually only seen by the horse guided trails, this is an option to hit up where you visit Zion that is not well visited, but with some great views. I also suggest doing this hike in fall or spring where walking through the sand won’t be so hot and miserable.



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