North Rim, Grand Canyon, Bright Angel Point


You might be wondering why I am putting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon here on my site about southern Utah hiking. The biggest and most important reason is that anyone who has to go to the North Rim has to go through Utah or they come from Arizona.

Since directions are easily obtained online, I will not say anything about it. But I will say from Cedar City, the North Rim is only four hours away. From St. George it’s 3 hours and 30 minutes or so. In other words, it is still a reasonable distance away from major destinations where you may already be visiting.

So what to see while visiting?

Visitor Center and Bright Angel Point

20151002_114738The visitor center there at the North Rim is a good place to begin. There is a nice lookout from this point that is enjoyable and very easy to get to.

From here there is a small hike down to Bright Angel Point. It is a quarter mile or so with some steep inclines and sheer drop offs (That’s the kinder way of saying cliffs).

This is a great place to begin your adventure to the North Rim. It gives you a pleasant surprise and a good view after driving for a few hours

20151002_125016 (1)

Some notes about the North Rim:

The North Rim closes during the winter months. You can do hiking during the winter, but access will have to be on snowmobile or on foot. The park closes October 31st and reopens May 15th. Plan your visit accordingly.

Also the North Rim sits on top of the Kaibab Plateau. The elevation is around 8000 feet. This means that when you get here, temperatures will be easily 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler than in St. George or the surrounding deserts. Plan accordingly.

There is a Sinclair Gas station in the park. Water is present, and camping is limited so plan ahead. I was banking on the fact that it was the end of the season and got the last open spot in the park. There is plenty of camping out side the park so if in the park does not work out don’t panic too much.

More to come on the North Rim


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