Imperial Point

imperial point

On the last day of our adventure here at Grand Canyon, we stopped by Imperial Point at sunrise to catch what I was hoping would be a fantastic sunrise.

Directions are easy enough to find once you have a map, so there is no need to give specifics.

As for what is there to see here, there is a great overlook that juts out into the canyon. To get to the overlook there is a steep flight of stairs that comes straight from the parking lot. The “hike” is simple and easy. The side areas are under restoration so going off trail is kind of a no no right now.

As for photography, I would say it is over visited. When I arrived there were 5 other photographers lined up on the same spot.

Other cool things that occurred while we were there was that we heard a landslide somewhere down in the canyon. If you have never heard a landslide before, it sounds a lot like thunder but it lasts longer. We never saw where it was at but it was cool.



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