Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef Castle

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Went to Capitol Reel here this past week. I did not get to do any hiking due to lack of time, but here is a picture of the trip.

What to do there?

If you only have an hour I suggest simply driving through the park and enjoying the scenery. The park is free to enter and is easily accessible through most of it. As I return I will update you on places you should go. I visited a distant location in the park many years ago now and you can check out the story here.

This image taken above was taken at the last bit of sunset before the sun dipped behind the clouds. We had time to see this structure called the Castle, the Visitor center (which is right next to the castle) and swung by the Tower which is cool.

I plan on going back and spending some more time here, but until that day, I only have this.

Also you can purchase this and many more images through my marketplace! If you order today/ tomorrow (Dec 22nd) you might get it by Christmas. But probably just after it.


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