Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon


I am a bit behind in the times and updating this site, but here is something new I can add.

This past December I went out to Hole in the Rock road and went to a few awesome locations, one of which was Peek-a-Boo slot canyon and Spooky slot. These non technical canyons are beautiful and family friendly to some extent. Though both do not require technical gear, there are some challenges about them. Though these two canyons are often combined into one hike, I am actually going to seperate them here today.

Getting there:

To get to close the location you will need a high clearance vehicle. Other wise you can just park further away and walk. Travel down Hole in the Rock till you get to BLM road 252. I think its called dry fork wash, but I could be mistaken. You can google it now and drive to it if you really need help. Take a left and follow the road as far as your vehicle can make it.

The Hike:

To get to the slot canyon, walk down the steep slick rock trail. It is well marked with huge cairns and heavily trafficked foot paths. Once you are at the bottom of the hill, follow the trail out into the main wash. To your left there will be an opening to Dry Fork slot canyon. That will be a later post. From there continue down stream just a few hundred yards and you will arrive at the canyon. Walking downstream the canyon will be on your left and will be somewhat obvious.

The canyon begins with a 15 foot climb up a sandstone wall that has foot holds and a few convenient places to stand but is not particularly pleasant. Right as you enter though, you are greeted with a double arch chamber that is amazing.


Right after this chamber is a series of really tight winding curves in the canyon and another tiny arch that is fun to climb through when not wet. I of course went through when it was, so no climbing through for me. From here there are a series of minor pot holes that may be anywhere from dry to knee deep water. I had to strip half naked to go through one because my shoes were too muddy to stem over it and I didn’t want them to get wet.

From here the canyon is short and fun with a lot of twisting winding curves that are exciting to squeeze through. Mind you this is very narrow, still possible for a bigger guy to get through, but still will be tight.

Once you reach the end of the canyon, you will hop over the ridge and descend down Spooky.

If you are a larger fellow DO NOT DO THIS!!!! I repeat if you have a waist bigger than 40 do not go down spooky from the top or you might be stuck for a while. 

There is a relatively new dry fall at the top of spooky that requires down climbing about 8 feet. From that point on the canyon is about 2 feet wide or less. At one point it will reach only 15 inches wide (maybe thinner). I am thin and it is chest to back on me. You will get stuck if you are 40inch pants waist size or more. Even at 38 inch waist you are pushing it.


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