Spooky Slot Canyon


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Trail Length: 3.5 miles round including Peek-a-Boo

Water: Bring a lot if you are there in the summer. They suggest a gallon at least.

Is this scary? Not really. Is it claustrophobic? Yes. Is it skinny? Yes. This is a canyon not for all but accessible by everyone.

Spooky Slot Canyon is located within the Escalante Desert and has become one of the most popular canyons in the southwest. It is relatively flat and only has one major obstacle, mind you it’s a big one, that has to be up climbed or scrambled down.

The canyon starts a little way down from Peek-a-Boo Slot canyon and is often tied into the same adventure. Usually what people do is hike up Peek-a-Boo and drop down spooky. The problem with this now is there is relatively new rock fall in the top of Spooky that makes this far more difficult. New being within the past 10 year by the way. To get past this obstacle you have to shimmy up the canyon by stemming your way up or by dropping through the hole if you are coming down canyon. It is about an 7 foot drop if not 8.

Some details about the canyon. It is relatively short, maybe a quarter mile to half mile long. It is dry and is as non-technical as it gets for most of it. Unlike many slot canyons though, it is crazy thin. At its thinnest it is about 15 inches, possibly less. When I go through that spot I have to turn sideways, and I am still touching chest to back through the canyon. Much of the canyon has really thin points like this and can be really uncomfortable trying to maneuver around in it.

Warning!!! Important!!!

Not for large individuals. If you have a waist bigger than a size 38 for mens you probably wont fit. If you drop from the top and are larger than this, you will probably get stuck. Which may require a long wait or someone to turn around and bring you a ladder to climb back out if you can’t.


One response to “Spooky Slot Canyon

  1. This hike is about a 20 minute drive from Kanab, Utah and three hours away from Escalante. So, I’m just wondering why Kanab isn’t anywhere in your tags?

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