Devils Garden, Escalante

IMG_5549.JPGDevils Garden

I am disappointed in my self for not getting this out earlier. I have been here probably three or four times in the past year or two and I still don’t have a post about it here.

Onto the details!

Devils Garden is located 12 miles down hole-in-the-rock road. This first section is not bad on vehicles so I would not worry too much about getting here. The parking area is great for picnics as there are tables and grills located here.

As for camping I have done so here, but there are signs now that say no camping.

Trail Info:
The trail is short but in reality its more of a wander around the structures and play. There are two arches here, Metate Arch and one unnamed arch just behind it. There are also a myriad of hoodoos and strange formations that are a blast to wander around and check out. IMG_5533.JPG It has some great photo potential but it really does need to be sun tracked and planned in advance for that. If you are planning to do photography, do some astro work. Sunrises are not the best for this location because it is down in a bowl so it takes quite a bit of time for the light to come up hit the structures.

This is a great family friendly location and is worth a stop though. Sandy trails for kids to run around on.

Devils Garden 3 pillars-7515


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